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  • How do online sessions work?
    Online sessions (also called teletherapy or telehealth) can be very effective alternatives to traditional in-person therapy sessions. Using online video conferencing on a computer or tablet, we are able to support clients using interactive activities that target their goals. We use the latest online tools to engage and interact with clients, such as apps, short videos, online therapy games and books, green screen virtual backgrounds, and annotation tools on shared documents or pdfs. Depending on the age of your child and their speech-language goals, online sessions may include: one-to-one direct therapy, caregiver coaching, and/or consultation on home program progress. A hybrid model of in-person sessions and online sessions may also be beneficial.
  • Who can benefit from online therapy?
    Online sessions can be effective for many clients. Online therapy can also provide a safe option for families who are unable to meet for in-person sessions. Aside from eliminating health safety concerns around Covid-19, online therapy can benefit families who need more flexible scheduling, would like to reduce travel time, or live in areas where resources or services are more limited. Please contact us at or complete our contact form if you would like more information,.
  • What are your fees for services?
    Please contact us for current information about our service fees. Private practice SLP services are not covered by the basic BC Medical Services Plan; however, many clients have extended (supplemental) health care plans that provide partial or full coverage for private speech and language services. You are encouraged to check with your benefit plan to inquire about this coverage. For information about possible funding support, see information on the Speech and Hearing BC website: For information about publicly funded speech-language services in the Fraser Valley, see information on the Fraser Health website:
  • What does the first appointment with the SLP look like?
    At the first appointment, Evelyn will talk with you about your concerns and gather relevant information. She will spend most of the appointment interacting with your child during play and conversation, using informal methods to assess specific speech-language areas (e.g. answering questions, retelling a story, describing or labelling pictures). This is all very child-led and fun! During the appointment, Evelyn will be assessing your child's speech sound production skills (if the concerns are speech clarity and/or pronunciation) and language skills (if the concerns are with listening, language, literacy and/or social communication). She will then share her clinical observations and initial recommendations with you, including any recommendations about follow-up assessment, therapy, consultation services and/or referrals to other community supports. Please allow 1 hour to 1-1/2 hours for the initial appointment. An in-person session for the initial appointment is recommended if possible; however, for remote clients throughout BC and for many school-age children (if requested by family), this can also be booked as an online session using a video conferencing platform. Upon booking an initial session, a case history form and consent form will be emailed to you for you to complete and return before your appointment.
  • Are you accepting new clients?
    As of June 2023, Evelyn's schedule is currently full for regular therapy appointments. Feel free to reach out for SLP recommendations in your area, or you are welcome to check back on Evelyn's availability again in the spring or summer months. For more information about speech-language development, tips and resources, please check out the Resources section.
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